Professional Training Options to Boost Success at Cedar Rapids Gym

If you are serious about getting fit or just need some extra support creating or following through with your fitness program, our training options can help. Certified trainers at our gym in Cedar Rapids will make sure you experience success at our gym!

Personal training is ideal for beginners to gyms and fitness, members who want to get the most out of their limited gym time, and those doing advanced training.

Small group training is the perfect blend of personal attention, group dynamics, and economy. You can get help from your trainer or blend in as you wish, find strength in numbers, and enjoy programs that are as structured or free as you need.

Small group training is perfect for teams, groups of friends, corporate wellness groups, circuit training, and more!

Small group training works especially well for functional training for groups focused on training for the same activities. Designing and executing an effective functional training program can require a lot of expertise and creativity, so having several people on the same page makes small group training perfect for teams and groups of friends with shared work or interests.

Our training options are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of goals and needs. Talk to our knowledgeable staff today to figure out which option would work best for your situation!