Cylcing Studio

Heart-hammering Cycling

Ready for a group fitness experience that is as effective as it is intense? Burn fat and boost endurance with classes in the cycling studio at our Cedar Rapids gym.

Cycling employs high intensity interval training (HIIT) to maximize fitness gains and weight loss in a minimum amount of time. Intensive cardio intervals are interspersed with slower “rest” periods to raise your heart rate.

The result is a metabolism that burns like the sun and that keeps working overtime to burn fat for hours after your workout, even when at rest watching TV. That means you continue to experience the benefits of working out long after you’ve left the gym.

Cylcling classes have a driven and motivated atmosphere and are designed to push you at whatever your fitness level. Our inspirational instructors and group energy will help you push over that last big hill.

Cycling is for everyone, and can be a great way to get an intense workout with low impact on the joints. Check our schedule and talk to our staff today to jump into our cycling classes!