Fitness Programs

Martial Arts Fitness Programs for Fun and Challenge at Cedar Rapids Gym

Looking for ways to stay fit that are more interesting than strength and cardio training? Martial arts fitness programs such as Taekwondo at our Cedar Rapids gym is a fun and challenging alternative that will have you looking forward to your trips to the gym more than ever!

Martial arts training is fitness program, sport, and a personal development combined into one discipline that will work out your entire being.

More than just exercise, martial arts requires constantly learning and refining new skills, as well as physical and mental capabilities. This makes your time spent exercising that much more engaging, fun, challenging, and exciting.

Besides the well-rounded training and motivational factors, martial arts classes have an additional benefit: making friends! Training with others in the class is a great way to build a fitness-minded community in your life.

Taekwondo is valued for its effectiveness and principle-based training. It is taught in a safe and friendly learning environment for children and adults alike.

If you are interested in learning a striking art, Taekwondo is a path that you can enjoy learning for a lifetime. Training is conducted in a controlled atmosphere to make sure everyone leaves as friends at the end of the day!

Bring a breath of fresh air to your fitness training by trying our martial arts fitness program. We’re sure that once you experience a class, you’ll be hungry for more!