Strength Training

Strength Training is Our Strength at Cedar Rapids Gym

When it comes to the basics of fitness, Custom Fitness doesn’t skimp. Our Cedar Rapids gym has a complete selection of weight equipment for your strength training program.

Our free weight selection is broad enough to accommodate the weight requirements of beginning and advanced lifters alike. Cable machines will also help you hit those hard-to-reach muscles.

There are 5 components of a balanced fitness program, and one of those key components is strength training. Here at Custom Fitness, we have enough strength training equipment to fit all of your program needs. Our gym features several lines of strength training machines from Lifefitness, Hammer Strength and Strive, in addition to an 8 stack multi jungle, an advanced "heavyweight" lifting room and several sets of dumbbells to accommodate both beginner exercisers and advanced lifters.

Don't worry, we won't sound an alarm if you drop the weights in our heavyweight rooms...that's what it is there for. Serious lifters with serious goals.

Strength training is crucial for any fitness endeavor, including weight loss, improving athletic performance, and injury prevention. Whatever your fitness goals, you’ll be able to take advantage of our strength training equipment in your fitness program.

Try it out now when you come in for your free 3-day membership!