Swim Yourself Fit with Aquatics at Our Gym in Cedar Rapids

Water can be both therapeutic and great exercise. Both are vital to fitness! Our Cedar Rapids gym provides several opportunities to take a splash so our members can round out their fitness programs with gentler activities.

Water provides light, constant resistance, making our indoor pool the perfect environment for light strength and cardio activities that don’t jar the joints. We keep our pool at 82! The warmest water in Cedar Rapids!

Many of our members enjoy everything from a cardio workout of swimming laps or participating in our Water Aerobics class to just floating and relaxing. After a hard workout, your muscles and joints will appreciate some heat and humidity. Enjoy soaking in the hot tub, steam room, or sauna to let the heat massage your muscles and open up your lungs.

Go for a swim or a soak today with your free 3-day membership!